Unable to remove ZxMig
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Thread: Unable to remove ZxMig

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    Unable to remove ZxMig

    I receive the following error when logging in, yet the ZxMig does not show in the zimlets page. I did try it a long time ago, but removed it, it would it appear it didnt remove fully can anyone tell me how to remove it manually.

    Both the com_zimbra_suite_plus (Zimbra Suite Plus) and the com_zextras_zxmig (ZxMig) zimlets have been detected.
    Please remove the ZxMig Zimlet.
    I've tried to remove using the command line but it just doesn't show , there must be an artifact left lying about from when it was installed a while ago.


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    Hi Scott,
    and welcome to the Zextras forum.

    Probably it is a cache problem.
    Could you try to execute a
    zmprov fc all
    , then uninstall the ZxMig and finally restart the mailboxd?

    If you still are not able to remove the ZxMig, please open a ticket on our support portal, so we could better investigate on your case.

    Have a nice day,
    the Zextras team
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