Am I using the migration tool correctly?
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Thread: Am I using the migration tool correctly?

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    Angry Am I using the migration tool correctly?

    I am about to do a migration from Zmbra 8.0.7 to Zimbra 8.7.11.

    I started my migration on: "Fri, 6/16/17, 8:54 AM" - it is "Sun, 6/18/17, 14:39 PM" now.

    2 days and 7 hours later and not even 50% through dumping the migration???

    Am I doing something wrong? Surely, if a total backup takes: 9 hours on my zimbra server, this is not right? What am I doing wrong?

    I was hoping I could set aside a weekend to do a migration and a restore between 2 servers, but it looks like this is not going to happen...

    Could someone please explain/guide me through this exercise?

    Is there a possible 2nd answer of doing a migration and a restore "on the fly" or a "live/mirror" backup/restore operation so that I can achieve this within a weekend?

    I only have 150 users, so I believe my situation is not unique...

    kind regards

    ps - Is the way to do this export/import maybe to do an rsync between the 2 servers once the import completed? Would there not be an inconstancy between the different releases of Zimbra?
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    Hello cyber7,
    welcome to the forums!

    Migration time depends on too many factors.
    Which storage do you use?
    How do you mount the export on the destination server?
    Are you working with physical disk or network facility?
    Do you disable the real-time scanner on the destination server?

    Because of all those variables, It's impossible to give a standard response form "how many hours will migration take?"

    Also what you report in this thread may have an impact in the migration.

    I suggest you open a ticket on our support portal, giving us all necessary information about your environment and logs, so we could better help you.

    By the way, have you looked at this article - - that explains how to perform a migration?

    Have a nice day,
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    Once again, thank you for answering my post.
    After almost four days and not 14% done, I stopped the migration. What I believe the problem to be is the errors and inconsistencies in Zimbra DB and BLOB-files in my previous attempt to upgrade from 8.0.7 to 8.7.0, which disastrously failed! I have read the "incremental backup" wiki, but started with the free tool "ZeXtras Migration Tool" to start the initial dump.

    My LIVE environment:
    1. ESXi Server with Centos 6.5 and Zimbra 8.0.7 installed.
    1.1 Disks loaded and mounted locally (VMFS) as /migrate.
    1.2 /migrate disk also loaded locally.
    2. ZeXtras Migration Tool loaded on Zimbra.
    3. 150 Zimbra accounts, +/-170 Zimbra archive accounts, 4 domains. Only one ACTIVE Zimbra domain.
    4. Largest Zimbra account = 20GB

    My FUTURE environment:
    1. ESXi Server with Centos 7.2 and Zimbra 8.7.11
    1.1 I will release the /migrate and mount it locally.
    2. ZeXtras Backup to restore the system.

    Some statistics:
    Zimbra backup to local mounted disk takes about 9 hours.

    I was hoping the ZeXtras migration tool will take the same amount of time, +/- 9 hours, but I did not take into account the time it will take to dump the archives, as they are running on "unlimited space"...

    Question 1:
    If I create the following structure:
    * /migrate/LIVE
    * /migrate/ARCHIVE
    and I do my migration of my LIVE accounts to "/migrate/LIVE" and then use the "ZeXtras Backup tool" to restore the LIVE accounts,
    will the "archive accounts" also be created as the mail arrives in the new system, as every account has a related ARCHIVE account?

    Question 2 (If question 1 is true):
    Then, Dumping the ARCHIVE accounts then at my leisure to the /migrate/ARCHIVE structure, will the "ZeXtras Backup tool" to restore the ARCHIVE accounts that was missing details and ARCHIVE accounts not connected to main accounts?

    Thank you for your valuable time
    Aubrey Kloppers, Cape Town, South Africa


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