Good day
i have had the misfortune of a failed Zimbra upgrade attempt having to recover from a broken backup.

The background:
While Zimbra was being upgraded from 8.0.7 to 8.7.1 the upgrade failed halfway through creating a new database. Not realizing the database was not being backed up and having to recover from an old backup due to various reasons (ran out of disk space), I ended up with an account (admin) that was recovered into a new account, breaking original admin account.

I deleted this DB entry, but it was linked to a GAL entry, and had to be re-injected.

When I run the blobcheck I get a:
com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapFaultException: no such account: d7cc5aa2-ff54-4042-a8bb-df679a22703f
        at com.zimbra.common.soap.Soap12Protocol.soapFault(
        at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.extractBodyElement(
        at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.parseSoapResponse(
        at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapHttpTransport.invoke(
        at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapHttpTransport.invoke(
        at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.invoke(
        at com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapTransport.invokeWithoutSession(
        at com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning.invokeRequest(
        at com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning.invoke(
Will migrating the system release this broken entry?

kind regards