the path is not empty - NFS share
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Thread: the path is not empty - NFS share

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    the path is not empty - NFS share

    I'm trying to backup zimbra open source edition to a NFS share but i get an error during export.

    " The path is not empty"

    The path is definitely not empty since it's a new NFS share.

    also, i've given Zimbra permissions to the folder. This works perfectly fine within zimbra folders but not with NFS share

    Any ideas?
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    Hi rah1m and welcome to our forums.

    Are you able to create new files and folders on that path as zimbra user in linux shell? Please check also, if the path is Case-Sensitive..
    And if you need to backup continuously your zimbra server, you need to use the zextras suite product, the Zextras Migration Tool is designed only for one-time export.

    Have a nice day.
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