Which accounts got mail?
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Thread: Which accounts got mail?

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    Which accounts got mail?

    Is there a way to see which accounts got mail since a given date\time? I moved my cluster, but didn't change the DNS correctly on all domains, so some domains have e-mail on the old, while some have e-mail on the new. For obvious reasons, I want to avoid duplicate e-mails if I backup the old servers again and restore them again on the new servers.

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    Hello mhammett!

    I'd say that the fastest way to do this would be to script a zmmailbox search command to run on all your mailboxes using the "after:" search clause, e.g.

    zmmailbox -z -m user@domain.com s -t message "after:05/08/2016"
    This doesn't take the time into account, so you might want to further parse the output to find out messages arrived after a specific time...

    Have a nice day,
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