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Thread: Best way to migrate to new server....

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    Best way to migrate to new server....

    So, I have a running Zimbra 8.6 community server up and running with Zextras-mobile activated. Runs fine, but, I need more space for user mails and I want to break apart the mail stores from the boot drive.

    We were in such a rush to get this going, we didn't have time to install the mirrored drives for boot and mail.

    So, I am in the process of trying to replicate what we did before. We are using DNSmasq just fine and that works.

    Here are my options:
    - use clonezilla to mirror the boot/root drive onto the new server
    - use clonezilla to mirror the mail stores onto the new drive on the new server

    Then go back and re-mirror the drives (software) and go from there. (I'll have to muck with device paths for networking, but, thats not big deal)

    The other option is a fresh install, but I still have to migrate the mail stores
    When looking at your migration tool, I tried to install it but it looks like I have to uninstall our current Zextra mobile tools (core & zimlet)
    - Does this mean I can't install mobile while I am migrating?
    - what is the correct order in which to install Zextra-mobile and Zextra-migration?

    I want to test this first before playing with a production host.

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    Well, after talking with another admin who helped setup the new server, we tried the backup/restore method for the whole Zimbra server (not the OS) since we already had a fully functional CentOS server.

    Shrank the ldap db and backed it up.
    shut down the services
    tar/GZ the /opt/zimbra tree into an archive file and moved it over to the new host

    - Setup dnsmasq exactly as before
    - Got the internet gateway to point all the ports at the new host
    - Installed ZCS 8.6
    - shut down the system
    - moved /opt/zimbra into /opt/zimbra_0
    - untarred the archive from the old system back into /opt/zimbra
    - started services
    - checked that everything was working
    - Restored the ldap DB back into a freshly created sparse file (16GB is what we use, but probably won't get even 1/2 that)

    Best part of all of this, our SSL cert and Zextra tools (mobile) are working flawlessly

    We are going to budget for more lics and the backup tool next time we renew. That would have saved us DAYS of testing otherwise.

    Client is very happy and performance (32GB DDR3, 8core AMD Opteron HE, SSD boot/swap and separate drives for the mirrored mail stores) is outstanding. More than the 25 users will ever need.
    - Zextra-Mobile 2.0.4 is faster than their old Exchange system with 2x the resources and 5x the cost for M$
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