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    Question Migrate a licensed Server

    Hello, we need to upgrade our Zimbra open source server (with licensed zextras) and change the underneath OS. So we would migrate the actual server to new platform.
    the point is that we cannot use the incremental migration (our DB is huge) because the trial version of the zextras does not import backup older than 30 days.
    What can we do, without making a new backup of course? can we use the same license to migrate the data between the two servers? how?


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    Hello initiativa!

    The 30-days limitation refers to "External Backup" datasets exported more than 30 days ago, not to items older than 30 days, so the Incremental Migration is still an option

    License-wise, you are allowed to use the same license on two server for as long as necessary to migrate, either decommissioning the old server or removing the license file from it as soon as the migration is completed...

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team
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