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Thread: ZeXtras migration tools - Unexpected Blob

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    ZeXtras migration tools - Unexpected Blob

    Hi all!
    I need to migrate 4 account from old Zimbra 7.1.2_GA_3268.UBUNTU10_64 UBUNTU10_64 FOSS edition to the new one 8.6.0.
    But i've followed the wiki and i have checked the blob :
    zimbra@xxxxx:/root$ zmblobchk -v start
    Checking mailbox 1.
    Checking mailbox 2.
    Mailbox 2, volume 1, /opt/zimbra/store/0/2/msg/14/58076-360671.msg: unexpected blob.  File size is 471475.
    Mailbox 2, volume 1, /opt/zimbra/store/0/2/msg/14/58077-360672.msg: unexpected blob.  File size is 581926.
    Mailbox 2, item 58077, rev 360672, volume 1, /opt/zimbra/store/0/2/msg/14/58077-360673.msg: file has incorrect revision.
    Checking mailbox 3.
    Checking mailbox 4.
    Checking mailbox 5.
    Checking mailbox 6.
    Checking mailbox 7.
    Checking mailbox 8.
    Checking mailbox 9.
    Checking mailbox 10.
    Checking mailbox 11.
    How can i do? It's a problem if continue migration with unexpected blob?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Hello ciclonite,
    welcome to the forums!

    The "Unexpected BLOB" error won't impact the migration process - as it usually means that the "data" of a deleted item is still on the volume: since ZeXtras Suite retrieves all items through the mailboxd service of Zimbra this doesn't cause any error or interruption.

    The "file has incorrect revision" issue, on the other hand, might have a slight impact on the migration as the error means that either the data or the metadata of an item have not been properly updated. This is only related to the specific item - it won't stop the migration process - and if you wish you can check item's content by looking at the file's content and to the item in the Zimbra WebClient...

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team


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