ZxMig and ZCO - Best practices needed...
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Thread: ZxMig and ZCO - Best practices needed...

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    ZxMig and ZCO - Best practices needed...


    I'm planning to use zxMig to migrate a Zimbra NE 7.2 to current NE version.
    All users are using Outlook and ZCO.
    ZxMig seems to be the best tools as I will migrate all accounts at one time.

    What worries me is that the fact that, as the internal mailbox ID will be different
    on the new Zimbra server, Outlook users will probably have to reload their zdb files.
    This will be very time and load consuming.

    What would be the best practice in order to avoid this situation ?.

    Thank you for your hints !.

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    Hi Marrot and welcome to our forums.

    You are right and not only the mailbox Id will be different but all zimbra Ids: items, folders, users uuids, identities etc...

    I'm sorry but we don't have a way to "minimize" these issue because our product is designed for the open source edition of Zimbra, so my best hint is thinking about remove Outlook

    Have a nice day.
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