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  1. Missing elements in backup on 2.4.13
  2. Clean up /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/items
  3. Migration from NE to Community
  4. Migrate 7.1.3 to 8.8.12 open source SOAP (??) error
  5. Missing backupstat file
  6. JavaScript error when trying to start Import Backup
  7. Using Amazon S3 for regular backups
  8. Execute command after backup
  9. ZxBackup File permissions
  10. Purge deleted accounts
  11. Restore COS will fail
  12. Using migration tool with NE and mobile devices
  13. Purge very slow on NFS
  14. Restore only server configurations when a mistake disables the system
  15. 7.2.6_UBUNTU10NE -> 8.8.10_UBUNTU16NE upgrade path
  16. Account migration: retaining shares
  17. Smartscan scipt account
  18. Regarding redologs
  19. Restore file structure
  20. Data corruption on backup files
  21. 'unkown_folders" during backup/restore operation
  22. Handling uid and gid
  23. move old backup
  24. Error: ZxBackup Notification, Shares Fix failed.
  25. Scheduling Smart Scan or not
  26. ZxBackup CLI parameters
  27. Put backup on hold
  28. Getting warning on LDAP Backup : invalid credentials
  29. Backup Customizations Failed
  30. Size be More Larger When Restore Data
  31. getItem failure
  32. migrating zimbra archiving and discovery accounts
  33. Problems with Export/Import
  34. Estimating and monitoring progress
  35. Blue Background
  36. smtp/imap password not transfered
  37. Skip Restore shared & datasources and incremental restore
  38. Error, Path is not empty
  39. Unable to read server backup directory
  40. Incremental Migration using ZxBackup - server settings
  41. ZxBackup Notification, External Restore failed.
  42. Best Practice? Disable Mail Flow prior to switch?
  43. URGENT Import: How to re-attach user's archive account?
  44. Incremental Migration - Stats.
  45. Incremental migration question
  46. Reuse Backup after migration?
  47. Zimbra Trial License and ZxBackup
  48. skipped files
  49. realtime scanner and scheduled smartscan
  50. Question Restore/migrate to new server for test enviorment
  51. backup restore fails java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  52. Run Smartscan and Export Backup difference
  53. Migration advise
  54. no such domain
  55. zmblobchk: org.openzal.zal.extension.InternalOverrideStoreMan ager is not support
  56. question about licence zextras backup
  57. Error: ZeXtras ZxBackup Notification, Backup Server Customizations failed.
  58. Empty restored folder randomly on multiple user account !!
  59. Free inodes < 10% on volume /opt/zimbra/backup
  60. Pre- and post- ZxBackup hooks to add Nagios scheduled downtime
  61. Moving Zimbra VM to new server
  62. Changing Backup Path
  63. Mailbox restore
  64. ZxBackup over NFS
  65. Restore deleted folder
  66. Incremental Migration Question
  67. zimbra migration to new server: how to manage the backup's migration
  68. ZxBackup import from Zextras Backup storage ?
  69. java.lang.NullPointerException during import backup
  70. Zxbackup move mailbox to another storage
  71. accidently deleted user
  72. operation interrupted abnormally
  73. Different Zextras Backup (export smartscan) and Zextras Migration Tool?
  74. Information about ZxBackup compression %
  75. Backup space ending.
  76. Incremental Migration via NFS - Network File System
  77. Account Migration
  78. Zip backup, limitations
  79. rsync of backups/extras increases in size at target
  80. Number of backed up item
  81. com.zextras.lib.Error.BackupTooOldError: Backup too old for Trial Version
  82. rSync Script to backup ZeXtras backup to another server/location via SSH
  83. Cannot find COS for account
  84. Tag ID's mixed up
  85. doFixShares not working
  86. Import reports success but fails to import 2/3 of items
  87. Import does not work following instructions on migration
  88. Question about "Disaster Recovery"
  89. Backup Path Initialized Slow
  90. Unable to comunicate with server
  91. Migration with Backup/Restore is uncomplete
  92. mysql database corrupted - had to destroy and re-build. Now unable to restore.
  93. Zimbra 8.6 import rate slow and degrading
  94. Moving Servers / Migrating
  95. Smart Scan failed due to shared filesystem
  96. Import isssue
  97. Remove directories after import
  98. How to restart Zxbackup import process
  99. Takes long to import 90GB of Zimbra Datastore
  100. extract/dump a point-in-time Zextras backtup to ONLY maildir/text format?
  101. ZxBackup Operation Purge fails when SmartScan starts (ZeXtras 1.10.1)
  102. Zextras Backup + Bacula
  103. Unable to restore: parent not available
  104. ZxBackup Compression
  105. zextras 1.10.0's 'doSmartScan' not exec'ing a full scan
  106. Backup not initializing
  107. How to do an off-site backup of the Zextras backup files now that full scan is gone
  108. ZxBackup Import Running Almost 2 Weeks
  109. Add duration info in getBackupInfo
  110. Network Edition with Zextras for backup - redo log settings
  111. Secondary Backup Script Run Time Went Through The Roof on New Update
  112. zxbackup initialization aborted
  113. ZxBackup Operation Purge failed on some mailbox servers
  114. WARNING Backup Module: Unable to load dirty list, corrupted?
  115. Zx Backup: External Restore - Does it delete existing account data?
  116. Unbearably slow import times
  117. Zimbra taking up too much disk space.
  118. Restore missing contacts
  119. ZxBackup Backup Mail Contact Calendar Task Briefcase ?
  120. Problem Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space at initial scan
  121. Scheduling not working - Smart and Full
  122. Increase full scan schedule frequency
  123. Duplicate messages
  124. Shares after migration
  125. zxbackup seems to be stuked?
  126. ZX Backup Smart Scan Failing
  127. zxbackup return exception null
  128. Zxbackup Priority
  129. ZX_Backup provisioning_only
  130. How can i continue my export job?
  131. zxbackup keeps notifying "abnormal interruption", but there is no operation active
  132. ZxExport/ZxBackup import not working for Briefcase/Shared resources/filters/calendars
  133. stop backup operations
  134. Disk space / backup place
  135. Problem import
  136. Migrating from 6.0.14 to 8.0.6
  137. ZxBackup Import too slow
  138. Server Migration
  139. Server replacement
  140. Migrate
  141. offline message viewer
  142. throttle zxbackup error messages?
  143. Running zextra restore - STARTTLS errors in logs and problems
  144. Monitoring progress of zxsuite backup doExternalRestore
  145. Restore only Contact Items
  146. Full/Smart Scan - java.lang.NullPointerException - ZEBackupStats
  147. Zextras Backup help for server failure
  148. Howto change the backup path
  149. First back up. Migration to another server.
  150. Restore folder is empty
  151. Failed to lock mailbox
  152. Auto archiving
  153. Illegal character in authority while trying to do External Restore
  154. Operation Full Scan failed
  155. Illegal character in account_stat file
  156. Zimbra running while restore in process.
  157. External backup to tape
  158. Redolog filling up my disk
  159. ZeXtras ZxBackup failed.
  160. zextra backup error
  161. Omg I deleted my admin account, not sure how I did it... but I need help please!
  162. Import/Export issue: Import Path selection
  163. Javascript Error After Installing 1.8.10 with Zimbra 8.0.5 OpenSource
  164. ZxBackup not honoring time zone configured in Zimbra
  165. Cannot successfully Run " initialize Now"
  166. Urgent Help please :my server is crashed now ... can I restore with such errors
  167. User managing own backup
  168. Can Zextras Backup substitute for redundant mail server setup?
  169. Failed to lock mailbox
  170. Understanding ZxBackup restore timespan
  171. Quick backup strategy to an external server
  172. doExternalRestore not working
  173. Option to exclude mail from backup/import?
  174. ZeXtras Trial Import: 30 Days of email or 30 day old backup?
  175. Is it possible to restore non-mailbox items?
  176. user admin privileges may be broken
  177. Backup is not working properly on Network Edition
  178. Move accounts between mailstores
  179. Export Backup Incremental
  180. Merging new mail from a temp server
  181. How can I restore all account to 3 days ago
  182. ZxBackup stuck on restoring calendaritem
  183. Support for Zimbra 8.0.4?
  184. Migration Feature Idea
  185. Unable to create backup directory: /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/ ?
  186. Undelete date range not working
  187. External Account not restored
  188. [zxBackup] Problem(s) detected
  189. Using ZBackup backup/restore account settings
  190. Methods for Verifying backups?
  191. disable zimbra backup?
  192. Migration and Deleted Messages
  193. ZCS 8.0.2 migration
  194. Near real time synchronisation
  195. importing domains without accounts
  196. exporting several domains
  197. external restore took less than 1min and give empty mailboxes !
  198. Unable to edit user accounts after updating to ZeXtras Suite 1.8.0
  199. JavaScript error encountered in method ZaAccountViewController.prototype._setView
  200. Back up remote hard disk space?
  201. removing old Backup Path content
  202. EOFException during Real Time Scanner
  203. CLI command to extract/read a Zimbra backup 'item' file?
  204. ZxSuite/Migration tool 1.6.4: still problem with tags an shared object
  205. ZCS 8.0.2 support ?
  206. Zimbra 8 y ZExtras Backup Later
  207. javascript error encountered in method ZaZimbraAdmin.prototype._getLoginMsgPanel
  208. External import multiple mailbox servers
  209. Briefcase file versions
  210. Account does not exist
  211. Problem with contact groups
  212. java.lang.NullPointerException: Name is null
  213. Little bug with doCheckShares
  214. Error in date infos (zimlet)
  215. "ZxBackup Metadata: Unable to read" error when starting Zimbra
  216. Unable to create backup directory...(FIXED)
  217. NullPointerException thrown during External Restore
  218. After Z7->Z8 migration, have three ClassesOfService (COS); started with just one
  219. Problem importing. Missing user attributes
  220. Zimbra 7.2.1 to 8
  221. "ZeXtras ZxBackup Notification" emails classified as 'Junk' for SPF fail ...
  222. How to identify & fix "Skipped" and "Unrestored" items in a ZxBackup restore process?
  223. Backing-up backups ?
  224. All imported emails got a tag
  225. Invalid GUID in ZD
  226. info request
  227. Are domain & account aliases preserved in a ZxBackup incremental migration?
  228. doCheckShares Errors
  229. Will an externalImport restore deleted items too?
  230. Unrestorable items
  231. Two questions about undelete
  232. Best practices for backup
  233. Export by Account
  234. Unable to access Zimbra file - FullScan error
  235. Hot Standbay with Zextras Backup
  236. [SOLVED] dataferry filesystem corruption
  237. Do ZxBackups include 'at shell' extra configuration, files & data?
  238. initial scan / full scan fails
  239. Zextras backup problem (java.lang.NullPointerException)
  240. What accounts do need a license for import?
  241. ZexBackup TRIAL mode question ...
  242. Initial scan fails
  243. Migration issue with ZxBackup - shared calendars
  244. Zimbra migraton with zxsuite stuck?
  245. License Question
  246. Import shows wrong number of accounts and never ends
  247. Cannot restore.
  248. Duplication Issue
  249. [SOLVED] FullScan
  250. Failure to restore users