Hello everbody!

ZeXtras Suite 1.8.17 is finally available for download and - believe me - this is a huge release!

On top of the usual fixes and minor improvements we have some very important changes.
The ZeXtras Backup module has undergone a full refactoring, the ZeXtras Mobile "EAS 14" feature has been promoted to stable after a long beta stage and Contact Groups have been added to ZeXtras Chat.

ZeXtras Backup news:

  • PERFORMANCE AND MEMORY MANAGEMENT IMPROVEMENTS! Both of this aspects have been dramatically improved, especially when running on old Zimbra version.
  • MULTITASKING! ZeXtras Backup can now run 2 restores and a *scan operation at the same time!
  • BYE BYE FULLSCAN! The refactoring process allowed us to remove the FullScan operation, which has been replaced by the "Purge" operation. Backup initialization and live-to-backup alignment will now be handled via SmartScan instead.
  • BACKUP PURGE! In place of the FullScan, the "Purge" operation has been added. This operation purges the Backup Path from all items and data out of the retention period.
  • IMPROVED RELIABILITY! ZeXtras Backup is now even more reliable than before, thanks to a new and dedicated Virtual Filesystem.
  • NEW RESTORE MODE: "doRestoreBlobs"! This new Restore Mode checks for DB-to-BLOB inconsistencies and tries to restore broken or missing blobs from the Backup Path. Run "zxsuite backup doRestoreBlob" for full usage info.

Check out the full changelog at Changelog - ZeXtras Suite Wiki and download the new package from http://www.zextras.com/zextras-download-for-zimbra.html