Hello Everybody!

I'm really excited to post a little preview of some of the cool new features in ZeXtras Suite 2.0.0 (no ETA yet ):

Advanced backup mode: Be able to choose which items are backed up, realtime (requires 24/7 staff to approve item backup)!
Push backup: Backup your data on your mobile device!
Retrocompatibility: ZeXtras Suite is now compatible with the following legacy hardware: Commodore C64, Commodore C128, Commodore Plus4.
Insightful Backup: Receive a daily report on the most discussed topics in backed up emails!
Looping Backup: Back up the backup of your backup for additional security!

Fortunes for Admins: A Fortune message will be displayed at the first login of the day for all Delegated Admins!
Open-ish source: ZeXtras Suite's source code will be available for download and editing, but only in "Whitespace" language!
Opera-sung Notifications: Audio versions of all notification, sung by Cine, will be available in the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet.
Looping looping backup: Back up the backup the backup of your backup for additional additional security!

Have a nice day,
the ZeXtras Team