Hello Everybody!

I'm glad to announce that ZeXtras Suite 1.8.9 has been released!

  • The 5000-mailbox limit on the ZeXtras Suite Trial has been removed! The ZeXtras Suite Trial license will now be fully functional regardless of the number of mailboxes on the server.
  • A new "EAS 14" option is available within the ZeXtras Mobile tab of all users' settings. It allows you to easily enable the EAS 14.1 BETA mode for the account along with the new provisioning features.
  • Fixed an issue caused by some bad syncstates created in versions older than 1.8.8 that could cause abnormal battery usage.
  • Several client-side incompatibilities have been detected with Microsoft Outlook 2013. Updating to version 15.0.4517.1003 or higher will solve such issues. The ZeXtras Dev Team will not add additional server-side workarounds for client issues fixed in the aforementioned version.

... and as usual, lots of fixes and improvements!

Check out the full changelog at Changelog - ZeXtras Suite Wiki and download the new package from http://www.zextras.com/zextras-download-for-zimbra.html