ZeXtras Chat Zimlet 1.12 released!
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Thread: ZeXtras Chat Zimlet 1.12 released!

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    ZeXtras Chat Zimlet 1.12 released!

    Hello everybody!

    Version 1.12 of the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet has been released!

    This version features a nice batch of fixes and improvements, such as:

    * Fixed an issue that could cause long chat messages to "overflow" outside of the text input area.
    * Fixed an issue that could cause the mail folder tree to be collapsed upon login.
    * Improved character escaping.
    * Improved desktop notifications (fixed an issue with some empty notifications being displayed).
    * Due to incompatibility issues, Yahoo Emoticons have been disabled on servers running Zimbra 7.

    The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet can be automatically downloaded and deployed by clicking the "Deploy" button in the ZxChat tab of the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet.

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