ZeXtras Suite 1.8.4 for Zimbra released!
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Thread: ZeXtras Suite 1.8.4 for Zimbra released!

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    ZeXtras Suite 1.8.4 for Zimbra released!

    Hello everybody!

    ZeXtras Suite 1.8.4 has been released, featuring a lot of bugfixes for all modules and some nice improvements!

    Juiciest changes in this version:

    ZxBackup: The "provisioning_only" parameter has been added to the "doExternalRestore" CLI command. This parameter is used to force a "provisioning only" import, which only imports domains, classes of service, accounts and account preferences. No items will be imported.

    ZxMobile: Lots of calendar sync improvements for all mobile platforms!

    ZxChat: Fixed a Memory Leak issue caused by a bug in ZxChat's connection management on medium size deployments (500+ concurrent users).

    General: Inter-infrastructure communication for Multiserver environments has been improved, so the overall usability of the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet in such environments is greatly improved.

    Check out the full changelog at Changelog - ZeXtras Suite Wiki and download ZeXtras Suite from http://www.zextras.com/zextras-download-for-zimbra.html

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