ZeXtras Chat Zimlet 0.99 released!
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Thread: ZeXtras Chat Zimlet 0.99 released!

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    ZeXtras Chat Zimlet 0.99 released!

    Good news, everyone!

    The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet version 0.99 is now available!


    Multilanguage support!
    The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet is now available in
    - English
    - Italian
    - French
    - Spanish
    - Portuguese

    The proper language is loaded according to the ZWC "Language" preference. If the ZWC language is not available, the English language will be loaded.

    More languages will constantly be added thanks to the ZeXtras Team, our Partners and our volunteer translators.

    ..and also:
    * Chat text is now selectable on Google Chrome
    * Added new Toolbar
    * Added Send Message button
    * Added emoticons button
    * Added search history button
    * Added send chat session by mail
    * Minor fixes

    The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet can be automatically downloaded and deployed by clicking the "Deploy" button in the ZxChat tab of the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet.

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