ZeXtras Chat Zimlet 0.95 released!
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Thread: ZeXtras Chat Zimlet 0.95 released!

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    ZeXtras Chat Zimlet 0.95 released!

    Hello everybody!

    The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet version 0.95 has been officially released!

    Featuring a lot of improvements including:

    - Added a "ZxChat" entry in the "Preferences" tab of the ZWC to give the user the opportunity to customize new message notifications and idle timeout.
    - Changed the default behaviour when a new message is received: the chat window will now just blink instead of blinking and expanding.
    - "Desktop Notifications" are now available for users running Google Chrome on any OS or Firefox on Ubuntu 12.04+ (Unity required).
    - Improved client-server connection.

    The ZeXtras Chat Zimlet is available for download at http://www.zextras.com/download/zext...let-latest.tgz, enjoy!

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