ZeXtras Suite 1.6.4 Released!
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Thread: ZeXtras Suite 1.6.4 Released!

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    ZeXtras Suite 1.6.4 Released!

    Hello Everybody!

    ZeXtras Suite 1.6.4 has been released!

    Featuring some fixes on all the ZeXtras Modules, this release marks an important point in the ZeXtras Suite history as THE ZEXTRAS CHAT MODULE IS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC!

    While this is still a beta release, it has been polished and optimized thanks to the feedbacks of our great Betatesters. See
    ZxChat - ZeXtras Suite Wiki for all the informations you need!

    As usual, updating to the latest version is highly suggested.

    See the full changelog at Changelog - ZeXtras Suite Wiki and download ZeXtras Suite from http://www.zextras.com/zextras-download-for-zimbra.html.

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