ZeXtras Suite version 0.99.6 released
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Thread: ZeXtras Suite version 0.99.6 released

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    ZeXtras Suite version 0.99.6 released

    Hello everybody!

    We released version 0.99.6 of ZeXtras Suite. The new version contains the following bugfixes:

    - Fixed a bug that caused scheduled Live Full Scan to start even if the backup system was not initialized, thus inizializing it on the default directory (see HERE)
    - Changed ZxBackup default behaviour during restores when Zimbra can't parse an item. Now the operation continues and skipped items are notified at the end of the operation. (see HERE and HERE)

    - Minor fixes to the import engine for Calendar entries.

    You can download the latest version of ZeXtras Suite from HERE!

    Thanks to Klug and Dirtyal for the bug reports!

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