ZeXtras Suite BETA 1.5.0 for Zimbra 8 is Here!
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Thread: ZeXtras Suite BETA 1.5.0 for Zimbra 8 is Here!

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    ZeXtras Suite BETA 1.5.0 for Zimbra 8 is Here!

    Here we are !
    1.5.0 is ready, now you can try the beta version of future ZeXtras 1.6 Release .

    This BETA is intended ONLY for Zimbra 8 and ONLY for testing purposes.
    Import and Export functions are disable in this 1.5.0, will be reactivated in future betas and of course on the stable 1.6.
    ZxChat is also disable on 1.5.0 will be reactivatend in furure betas and on the stable 1.6. DOWNLOAD IT
    or simply use wget directly from your Zimbra server:
    wget http://www.zextras.com/downloads/zextras_suite-BETA.tgz
    Waiting for your feedbacks.

    Best Regards.
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    I am going to put this into my Zimbra8 test environment.

    Where can I get more informtion on zChat? I can not find any info on it except references to posts you have made.

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    Hello powrrrplay!

    The documentation on ZxChat is on its way, the module is still in internal testing and it is not available in the 1.5.x Beta branch...

    Have a nice day,


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