We are glad to present you Zextras Suite 3.0, our new major release, which includes improvements and new functionalities that will turn your Zimbra infrastructure into a professional and collaborative suite.
Zextras Suite 3.0 is focused on collaboration and it offers new features that allow you to work in a collaborative way with your team straight into your Zimbra interface.
Both previous and new features are now organized into three distinct “Suite” that match different needs: Zextras Suite Basic, Zextras Suite Pro and Zextras Suite Mobile. Discover our new Suite on www.zextras.com.

Zextras 3.0 introduce a range of new functionalities:

(NEW) TEAM: Team adds collaboration features to your Zimbra and it’s available in two different versions: Team Pro and Team Basic.
Team Basic is included on all our “Suite” and it grants a featured 1:1 chat that supports not only text messages and emoticons but also file-sharing and video call one-to-one.
In order to boost both your communication and collaboration we developed Team Pro, only available on Zextras Suite Pro.
Team Pro introduces one-to-one and multichannel video chats, and it turns Zimbra into a powerful Enterprise Level online meeting system through Channels, persistent Spaces, and Instant meetings. A smart and flexible "Sidebar” allows the users to access recent conversations and a dedicated interface permits to create groups, start new conversations and access Spaces and Channels.
Spaces are virtual meeting rooms where all the connected users can exchange messages, share files, make video calls and screen sharing.
Every single Channel is associated with its own Space and it is possible to arrange anytime a meeting involving all the participants.
Instant meeting allows arranging video calls also with external users: invited users can take part in the meeting by browsing a generated link, with no need to install specific software or use third parties services.
Team is natively supported by Zextras' backup system.
Furthermore, Zextras 3.0 introduces the dedicated Team app, developed by Zextras for both Android and iOS devices, that provides mobile users with the same user experience of the web version, keeping them in touch with their buddies anywhere and anytime.

(NEW) DOCS: Zextras 3.0 introduces Docs server that turns Zimbra into a professional office suite that allows the user to preview, create and modify Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentation straight from the Zimbra Web Client.
Users can manage files using open standards -Open Document Text, Spreadsheet, and Presentation- furthermore, all the more common formats like Word, Excel, and RTF are supported and they can be exported as PDF with a few clicks.
Docs supports 11 different dictionary and more languages will be added in the future
The preview feature is integrated with the webmail and it supports more than 140 formats.
Editing feature is available both into the old Briefcase and the new Drive.
It is also possible to modify a shared document. When more than one user edits, at the same time, a shared document, the interface will display all the connected users -each one in a different color- and their activity in real time: any modification can be checked by other users instantly. In addition, the “Revision mode” allows underlining single modifications edited by each user and the author can decide either to approve them or not.

(NEW) (BETA) RAW RESTORE: The "Raw Restore" operation is a new DR-type restore operation that is compatible with both standard and blobless backup. In contrast to similar restore modes such as the External Restore, the Raw Restore operates at a lower level restoring all item metadata maintaining the original IDs for all objects restored.
This new operation restores the source server’s Centralized Storage configuration. This step ensures that any data stored inside of a Centralized Storage is immediately available. If you are using local or independent third-party volumes, it is easy to move the item BLOBs from the primary storage or to restore those from a backup using the Blob Restore operation.

(NEW) (BETA) BLOBLESS BACKUP: Blobless Mode is a new feature that avoids backing up item blobs while still safeguarding all other item-related information.
This mode is designed to take advantage of capabilities of advanced storage solution such as built-in backup or data replication optimizing both the backup module’s disk space usage and restore speed.

We keep enhancing our product for giving you the best user experience: Zextras 3.0 also increases some of the old features:

  • (IMPROVED) HSM task performance
  • (IMPROVED) storage’s management
  • (IMPROVED) backup’s performance, 30% faster than the previous version
  • (IMPROVED) Support for CEPH storage
  • (IMPROVED) SWIFT support
  • (IMPROVED) you have the possibility to save attachments straight into Drive and you can send Drive’s items as email attachments.
  • (IMPROVED) Briefcase to Drive migration verifies the available quota before starting and can be executed incrementally
  • (IMPROVED) Possibility to customize compression level and the number of simultaneous Thread during the backup execution