Hello everyone!

Zextras Suite 2.16.0 has just been released featuring Zimbra 8.8.12 compatibiliy, a new lightweight installer and much more!


  • This version is fully compatible with Zimbra 8.8.12;
    • Starting from this version, all new releases will only be compatible with Zimbra 8.6 and higher;

  • New installer logic! Starting from this release, the Zextras installer will take care of detecting the Zimbra version and downloading the appropriate Zextras Core, Zimlet and collaterals;
    • The new installer will download the latest 2.14 core on all Zimbra versions between 8.0.x and 8.5.x - such Zimbra releases are out of official development and don't receive security patches, so we strongly suggest to upgrade to Zimbra 8.8.x as soon as possible;

  • 14 bugfixes and improvements, including quite a few on our newest product: Zextras Drive!
  • Reminder: Zextras Drive is only compatible with Zimbra 8.8.11 and higher - if you wish to use this awesome new tool please make sure you are running a supported Zimbra version. Zextras Drive does not support multi-mailbox environments yet;

As usual, check out the full changelog at https://wiki.zextras.com/wiki/Changelog and download the new package on your server with `wget http://download.zextras.com/zextras_suite-latest.tgz`.