Hello everyone!

Zextras Suite 2.4.9 has been released, fully compatible with Zimbra 8.7.9 and featuring some nice bugfixes as well!

  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.9 is now supported.
    • Due to its "beta" status, Zimbra Collaboration Suite 8.7.8 is not supported by Zextras Suite nor it will be in the future.

  • This release includes:
    • 1 Zextras Backup bugfix.
    • 2 Zextras Mobile bugfixes.
    • 2 Zextras Powerstore bugfixes.
    • 1 Zextras Admin bugfix.

As usual, you can check out the full Changelog on the dedicated Zextras Wiki page and download the new package from our website.


Important information for Zimbra 8.7.6+ users

Zextras Chat and the new Zimbra Chat are not compatible and cannot be used together: if you are currently using Zextras Chat, please do not enable Zimbra's new Chat component. In case the chat component has been enabled, moving the /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/openchat/ directory to another path and restarting the mailboxd will de-activate it.