Zextras Suite 2.4.0 for Zimbra released!
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Thread: Zextras Suite 2.4.0 for Zimbra released!

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    Zextras Suite 2.4.0 for Zimbra released!

    Good news everyone!

    It was quite the ride, but Zextras Suite 2.4.0 is finally here!

    On top of a drastic improvement in Zextras Backup's Realtime Scanner and External Backup performances, this release adds two new and much-awaited features: Amazon S3 Compatibility and Attachment Indexing.

    * S3 support: now Secondary volumes can be hosted on Amazon S3 buckets
    * Attachment indexing
    * Noticeable performance improvements in the RealTime Scanner and External Backup features.
    * Free/busy support extended to any mobile client that supports this feature.
    * The ZeXtras Admin module can now be used on Zimbra Network Edition 8.6 and higher instead of Zimbra's own ACL management system.

    Check out the full Changelog and download the newest package from the ZeXtras Website.


    the ZeXtras Team
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