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Thread: ZeXtras Suite 2.X Roadmap

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    ZeXtras Suite 2.X Roadmap

    Hello everybody!

    After a tough round of R&D meetings, I'm glad to announce you that I'm finally authorized to share some Product Roadmap information with you all!

    ZeXtras Suite 2.2.x (RELEASED)

    • [CORE] Hot Updates: add automatic download and deploy capabilities for minor releases (major releases will still need the usual install process).
    • [CORE] Distributed Config: the foundation for Zimbra 9+ compatibility and a huge boost in flexibility for all modules.
    • [ZXMOBILE] Dedicated MIME parser: a new ZxMobile component that will smartly parse and fix MIME messages to prevent item-related sync issues.
    • [ZXCHAT] Buddy List Cleanup: automated Buddy List cleanup that will take care of purging ZxChat Buddy Lists from nonexisting entries and of updating outdated entries.
    • [ZXCHAT] Videochat On/Off: Allow Global Admins to switch the VideoChat feature off/on.

    ZeXtras Suite 2.4.x (RELEASED)

    • [ZXPOWERSTORE] Attachment Indexing: Allows the indexing of attachments based on XML formats like Microsoft Office's OOXML (.docx, .xlsx...) and The Document Foundation's ODF.
    • [ZXPOWERSTORE] Cloud Storage support: We'll start off with Amazon S3 buckets usable as secondary volumes, any further technologies services will be evaluated based on user feedback. *Moved from "Future" to 2.4*
    • [ZXMOBILE] Free/Busy mobile support for all those clients which support this feature.
    • [ZXADMIN] Performance Improvement: The add/edit Delegated Admin engine has been refactored to ensure faster response times.

    Future (features in this list are currently planned and have been approved by R&D but are not yet slotted - some of those might be introduced as early as 2.6.x)

    • [CORE] New licensing engine: bye bye license files!
    • [CORE] Email Archiving: Enterprise archiving features.
    • [ZXBACKUP] New ZxBackup Store: Faster and performance-optimized backup store.
    • [ZXBACKUP] New Restore/Migration Engine: Performance-focused DR and Migration operations, also capable to migrate to a new Zimbra server without the need of a Ferry Store.
    • [ZXBACKUP] Mailbox Move: Move a mailbox between mailboxd servers in a multistore infrastructure.
    • [ZXPOWERSTORE] S3-compatible storages: Expand the S3 support to S3-compatible storages.
    • [ZXCHAT] XMPP Federation: Connect ZeXtras Chat to other XMPP-compliant servers.
    • [ZXCHAT] Item Link: Drag an email, contact, appointment or task to a chat window to show it to your buddy.
    • [ZXCHAT] File Transfer: Transfer Files via ZxChat - both via the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet and via XMPP *Moved from "Future" to 2.4*
    • [ZXCHAT] Chat Rooms/Groups: Allow many-to-many chats.
    • [ZXCHAT] TURN server configuration GUI.
    • [ZXCHAT] Integration with Xirsys' STUN/TURN servers.
    • [ZXCHAT] Screen Sharing: Interactive Screen Sharing features.
    • [ZXCHAT] Detachable chat windows: detach ZeXtras Chat windows from the main ZWC one
    • [ZXCHAT] Rebranding: Add your logo and company info to the ZeXtras Chat Zimlet.

    Feel free to discuss and share your ideas on the Bugzilla entries linked above or in this dedicated thread!

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team
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