Hello everybody!

I'm gland and excited to announce that, after a long internal testing phase, ZeXtras Suite 2.0.0 BETA (a.k.a. ZeXtras Suite 1.99.0) is here!


  • Shared Folders are now synchronized to mobile devices via ZeXtras Mobile!
  • 1-to-1 video calls are now available in ZeXtras Chat!
  • XMPP Transparent Proxying: It's now possible to set up XMPP clients to connect to any mailbox server on the infrastructure, instead of being restricted to the user-spedific one.
  • ZeXtras Client Zimlet: a new client component has been added to ZeXtras Suite!
  • ZeXtras Backup's "External Restore" has been optimized in order to significally improve import times. Faster migrations!
  • Multilanguage ZeXtras Administration Zimlet - now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (translators and proofreaders are welcome, drop me a PM if interested).
  • New "Client error debug" option in ZeXtras Chat, to easily report client issues!

Needless to say, being it a release, this is not intended for production use.

Useful resources
Changelog - This is the provisional changelog, which will be updated after each new beta release up until to GA.
Info and Feedback thread - to report and discuss the issues of ZeXtras Suite 2.0.0 BETA, make sure to read the opening post of the thread.

Download links can be found in the aforementioned Info and Feedback thread.

Have a nice day,
the ZeXtras Team