WARNING! Zimbra 8.5.0 Patch1 released - Critical Fixes
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Thread: WARNING! Zimbra 8.5.0 Patch1 released - Critical Fixes

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    WARNING! Zimbra 8.5.0 Patch1 released - Critical Fixes

    Hello everybody!

    This is just a heads-up to let you know that a patch for Zimbra 8.5.0 has been released.

    This patch fixes 2 bugs, one of which is critical for any administrator running such Zimbra version:

    95265: Fixed issue causing removal of Webapp services when editing the server. 
    Important! If running 8.5.0 GA build 3040, avoid using the Administrator Console to make any changes to the server config for a store server, 
    as it will lose all of its services the next time it is restarted (no web UI, mailboxes, or admin console). You must install this patch for 
    this issue to be resolved.
    This issues affects build 3040 of Zimbra 8.5.0, while build 3042 is unaffected.

    We suggest anybody running Zimbra 8.5.0 to apply this patch as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team
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