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    ZeXtras Incremental backup

    I'm doing an initial migration by following: http://wiki.zextras.com/wiki/ZxBacku...ZeXtras_Backup

    Here's the scenario.

    Old server: ZCS 7.2.0 100 accounts on domain.com
    New server: ZCS 8.0.6 100 accounts imported from old server

    Here's what I've done so far:

    1.) I ran the Zxmig to export all of the accounts/items/etc to /opt/zimbra/backup/migrations
    2.) I ran rsync on the old server to transfer to the new server: rsync -azvv -e ssh /opt/zimbra/backup/migrations/ root@mail.newserver.com:/opt/zimbra/backup/migrations
    3.) I ran ZxBackup to import all of the accounts/mail/etc.

    It's almost done as we speak. So here are my questions as I'm approaching switching over the MX record/mail flow to the new server:

    1.) Do I keep the existing /opt/zimbra/backup/migrations data on the old server and run ZxMig again tomorrow when I need to update? Will this overwrite everything or just export the changes since the last ZxMig?
    2.) Once I do another ZxMig I plan to rsync everything over again. It's my experience that rsync will add the files/items that were missing to the target/new server. Should I keep the /opt/zimbra/backup/migrations on the new server or delete it before I rsync?
    3.) When I do my next restore on the new server using ZxBackup will I have to worry about duplication or any other problems? Or will it simply pickup the changes?

    I've read through the incremental migration wiki thoroughly but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. I plan to switch the mail flow tomorrow and don't want any hiccups.

    Please let me know if something is not clear or if you need more information!

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    I think I've answered my own question.

    I performed another ZxMig and rsync'd my data to the new server. It skipped existing mail and only imported new/missing messages/contacts/etc.

    So far so good. I cannot tell you how much appreciate your product. I will definitely be purchasing a license for ZeXtras suite!

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    Hello czguy!

    I'm glad you like our softwares, thank you for your kind words!

    For future reference, using ZeXtras Backup on both the source and destination server as described in the Incremental Migration guide will allow you to avoid exporting the same data multiple times by using ZxBackup's Backup Path as the source for your migration instead of an export, thus lowering the time needed for the migration by a significant amount.

    Other than this, good job!

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Tram
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