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Thread: Incorrect License Warning!

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    Angry Incorrect License Warning!

    I just moved my server and offloaded a bunch of domains to and I have re-purchased my license and I am getting the "Your mailboxes count exceed your licensed mailboxes. Click here to obtain more information on how to upgrade your license." error. Zextras claims I have: "Total mailboxes:17" (Zimbra says 13). I am only using 6 of my 10 right now (defined through COS settings) but Zextras is confused. How do I fix this??

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    Hi Myriad,

    The Zextras License check is made every 15 minutes. You could check manually folowing these instructions.

    If you need more informations, please explain better your actual accounts situation:
    • your Zimbra and Zextras Suite version.
    • do you have some accounts in status "closed"? (even those count for licensing purposes)
    • About your statement "defined through COS settings", you can exclude an account from the backup but only to preserve your disk space.

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