Zextras backup on Zimbra 6.0.5 don'st works ???
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Thread: Zextras backup on Zimbra 6.0.5 don'st works ???

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    Zextras backup on Zimbra 6.0.5 don'st works ???

    when i run command i see an error on screen

    [root@mail zextras_suite-0.99.4]# ./install.sh all


    Checking for existing installations ...

    FOUND Zimbra 6.0.5

    Core Package file packages/6.0.5/zextras.jar missing! Exiting...
    [root@mail zextras_suite-0.99.4]#

    is 6.0.5 is not supported .. then how i can install ed on .

    Futher whats the price of its license ??

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    Hello farrukhndm, and welcome to the forums..

    Unfortunately the version of your Zimbra is not supported by ZeXtras Suite, as stated on the compatibility list at Compatibility List - ZeXtras Suite Wiki. Support for all releases in the '6.x' series previous to 6.0.7 is not planned at the moment.

    About the pricing, you can find all the informations you need, including baseline costs and discount programs, at https://store.zextras.com.

    Have a nice day,


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