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    Mobile module question

    Hi All

    I have just install the trial for what looks to be a fantastic tool for Zimbra. I enabled the mobile module on 2 mailboxes but these would not work until I did a full reboot of the server. Is there any reason for this or am I doing some thing wrong. The module showed it was setup for 2 mailboxes ok



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    Hello glennbtn,
    welcome to the forums!

    A full reboot is not needed by ZeXtras Suite in order to start functioning after the installation, and no reports of a similar issue have been sent us before. Probably it is just a coincidence - for example, if you enabled SSL on your Zimbra server after installing ZeXtras Suite your mobile devices couldn't immediatly synchronize through the secure channel because the change of SSL settings in Zimbra only becomes active after a service restart.

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