Backing up suggestions for the ZxBackup
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Thread: Backing up suggestions for the ZxBackup

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    Question Backing up the ZxBackup Backup Path questions

    I am using ZxBackup and the local filesystem for my Backup Path on my mail server (mail:/opt/zimbra/backup/zextras). Is there a suggestion about how to handle system backups? We back up online, to an NFS file system.

    • Should I put a cronjob to regularly rsync the contents of mail:/opt/zimbra/backup/zextras to the NFS filesystem and how often should I run this? Is rsync -while the server is running- going to leave the backup in an unknown state and make it un-restorable?
    • Should I just depend on the regular (tar and rsync based) filesystem backups (weekly full, daily incremental)? Will I be able to recover "rolling-up" incrementals to the latest full or I can restore only from the latest full backup?

    Thank you!
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    Hi George,

    I am doing the same for disaster recovery purposes.

    My opinion:
    How often you should rsync depends on whether the Real Time Scanner is running and how large or dependend this is for your organization.
    I do not do full/incements, but have btrfs snapshots on the target backup device and simply rsync (mirror) over and over...

    Good luck!

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    Thank you Mik!

    Unfortunately, I can't use BTRFS because I am writing to a shared partition of an NFS filesystem that I don't fully control (or dictate) the type of filesystem it is using.

    I am running Real Time Scanner (RTS) so I will need to smarten-up my backup script, stop RTS, make an External Backup and then restart the Real Time Scanner and SmartScan. I guess, I don't need to have the mail server down, correct? Is that what you are doing?


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    Hello George,

    at the moment you can safely rsync the backup directory (default /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras) while the server is running, there is no good reason to stop the real time scanner.
    Gil - Zextras Technical Support Engineering


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