Upgrade from Zextras 2.6.1 to latest 3X series
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Thread: Upgrade from Zextras 2.6.1 to latest 3X series

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    Upgrade from Zextras 2.6.1 to latest 3X series

    I am a little confused after the upgrade.
    In 2.6 we used ZXChat function. It still works after
    the upgrade but I read that it had been replaced by Team.
    I see Team in the Zimbra Core menu as a Zimlet with number
    of licenses zero, which is fine, we have not yet purchased a Team
    license. My question is, Is ZXchat considered 'Team Basic' which
    is also mentioned. I am not sure I need a full Team license but
    I at least want to know know if I am using Team Basic or if there
    is a clicky box I need to do set to move from ZXChat to Team Basic?
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    In case others are wondering you must enable the Team Zimlet after an upgrade.
    That will switch you from ZXChat to Team, it does not migrate you from ZXChat to Team
    during the upgrade.No license is required for Team Basic but you can unlock additional
    features by licensing.


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