Teems on mobile not working
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Thread: Teems on mobile not working

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    Teems on mobile not working

    I have broblem with teem on smatphone, after install on zimbra 8.15 I can't connect to server bacause error "JSON could not be serialized because of error:
    The data couldnít be read because it isnít in the correct format."
    Please help correct this problem

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    Hello Dareklo,

    once verified that the team app is up to date and team is working using the web client we suggest to verify the parameters inserted in the team app: besides username and password the server parameter is just the hostname without http(s)://

    If parameters are correct domain settings should be verified in the web admin console under configure / domain / your_domain :
    publicServiceHostname should be the hostname used to access the webmail, for example mail.yourdomain.tld
    publicServiceProtocol should be HTTPS
    publicServicePort should be the https port, default 443

    These are the most common causes of the reported issue, we will be waiting for your feedback on the subject.
    Gil - Zextras Technical Support Engineering

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    Hello Gil
    after edit in web admin console publicX.... Teems on mobile works OK


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