no team notifications on Huawei P20Pro
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Thread: no team notifications on Huawei P20Pro

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    no team notifications on Huawei P20Pro

    I've installed team and it has connected and I send and recieve messages on my huawei phone. However, when the application is not open, i get no notifications for incoming messages - neither sounds, nor icon changes or any other notifications. I've made sure that the individual notification settings permit notifications under all circumstances, still no luck.

    what am i doing wrong?

    I'm running android 9 with emui

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    Hello citizensdc888t,

    we just verified your issue on a similar Huawei device running android 9 wiht emui

    Under settings \ apps \ apps \ Team \ Notifications

    make sure that all settings are enabled, from there it is important to verify that all settings under "Chat", "Group", "Spaces and Channels" and "System advices" are enabled, lock screen notifications is not set to "do not Show" and a sound is selected.

    also under

    Under settings \ apps \ apps \ Team \ Power Usage details

    you should see "Background activity not restricted"

    this way we were able to reliably receive notification

    Please let us know if your issue is solved.
    Gil - Zextras Technical Support Engineering


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