Chat install on mutil servers
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Thread: Chat install on mutil servers

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    Chat install on mutil servers

    I have the paid version of Zimbra 8.09 I watn to user the Zxtras chat modules.
    In testing I have installed on two servers with a single ldap
    The users on server 1 can chat with each other the user on server 2 can chat with each other but I cannot get the a user on server 1 to chat with a user on server 2
    Is this function supported? or did I miss an install step?

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    Hi jprouty and welcome to our forums.

    The only requirement for the inter-server comunication is allow TCP traffic on port 8735 between your mailbox servers as requested during the installation process:

    ************************  WARNING:  ************************
    ZeXtras Suite needs to bind on TCP port 8735 in order to operate,
    for inter-instance communication.
    The ZeXtras Chat module needs to bind on TCP ports 5222 and/or 
    5223 in order for any XMPP feature to be functional.
    Please verify no other service listens on these ports and that 
    port 8735 is properly filtered from public access by your firewall.
    If this condition is verified, I suggest to check for some error on both your mailbox.log files.

    Have a nice day.
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