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    Zextras zimbra newbie

    Hello all,
    I am quite new to zimbra and zextras. i am currently running zimbra open source edition on a linux server. i would like to know what zextras product do i need to subscribe to achieve backup and restore functionality for disaster recovery.
    Where will zextras backup the mailbox to. will be be onto a storage device or another machine. and how can i restore the failed device in case. couldnt get in touch with any partners so had to raise this question in the forums

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    The backup/restore component asks for a target directory/partition path. Ie /opt/zimbra/backup . It's up to the sys admin to determine what kind of partition the directory will be on - local disk, NFS, iscsi, etc..

    See also:
    http://www.zextras.com/zextras-backup-for-zimbra.html < watch the videos
    ZxBackup Admin Guide - ZeXtras Suite Wiki
    Zx Backup: Disaster Recovery - ZeXtras Suite Wiki

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    Hi Skyfall and welcome to the forum !
    Zextras Backup is the module you need to have real time backup and restore on your Zimbra Server.
    I strongly suggest you to take a look to the entire suite because there are many cool features .
    If you want we can give you the list of our partners in your country, and our channel manager will be more than glad to chose, with you, the right one for your needs.
    Please let us know your country.

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    Hello ,

    Also i am newbie , but i am reading information in the WIKI . best regards


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