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    New License Issue

    We purchased the Zextra Mobile module (Yearly) in Nov 2014. We just purchased today the Backup + Power store and when we went to import the power store license it deactivates zextra mobile. Seems we can only have one or the other working. How should i proceed from here? We really need to get this working.

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    Hi Otelconsulting and wellcome to the forum.

    As stated on ZeXtras Store and ZeXtras Wiki, Zextras Suite allow to load only one license.
    In your scenario, as far as i can guess from your post, you didn't upgraded your previous license but you buy a new backup's one...

    I strongly suggest you to write to our Sales Support's Team through this form :
    Please enter your store's username(usually your mail address) and your orders's ID.
    As far as the two licenses will have the same ending date, they will be able to give to you a special code to download a new one single license, for free, mixing your twos.

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