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    ZeXtras Mobile Firewall & Routing


    i doesn't get ZeXtras Mobile working.
    I have the following configuration

    receiving mails
    Internet -> my SMTP Mail Gateway -> Zimbra Server

    sending mails
    Zimbra Server -> my SMTP Mail Gateway -> Internet

    The Zimbra Mailserver has no direct internet connection.
    the access to the zimbra webinterface works throug an reverse proxy

    Open ZimbraWebAccess in Browser ( HTTPS ) -> Apache Reverse Proxy -> (HTTP )Zimbra Server
    Also for this, the Zimbra Server has no direct internet connection.
    the reverse proxy works with https ( the proxy is the SSL Endpoint ) and forward the request to the zimbra Server via HTTP.

    i installed the ZeXtras Mobile Addon and activate it for my test account.
    but with my iphone i cannot access the mail account is i use the HTTPS Adress which i also use to access the Zimbra Web Access...

    Which Ports to the Zimbra Server are needed ?
    Who initiates the connection on which port ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi fzo and welcome to the forums.

    The Zextras Mobile module use same ports of zimbra webmail, as Zeus said on this post.

    So in your case you can use the reverse proxy paying attention to not rewrite the url /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync or any http headers (Zimbra uses Ngnix to do this with zimbra-proxy package).

    In fact the connection is started by the mobile device on url like this: https://<yourserver>/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync...

    If you need more help don't hesitate to send us your "sync.log" saved in zimbra log folder (with debug level).

    Hope That Help and Happy New Year!

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    Hi D0s-0n,

    thanks for your help, now it runs without problems.
    my reverse proxy was already configured in the right way, but i use the wrong server address on my mobile phone. i use https://servername as servername and i have to use only the servername without the https:// protocol information.

    little mistake with big impact :-)
    thanks for your help and thanks for the greate product



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