Trial license valid until 31 Jan 1970
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Thread: Trial license valid until 31 Jan 1970

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    Trial license valid until 31 Jan 1970


    I just install the Zextras Suite on a multi-server cluster. The install went fine and the trial license's expiry date got set to a month from now on the first store server (the one I installed first).
    But it got set to the 31st of Jan 1970 on the other one, where the zimlet got deployed automatically before Zextras Core was installed (during the install on the first server).

    I tried removing everything and reinstalling the Core on both store servers, then the zimlet, with no luck.

    This obviously prevents the backups and mobile sync from running on the second server.

    Any ideas on how to fix it?
    I'd like to make sure it works fine on all servers before purchasing the licenses.


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    While our engineers are investigating your trial license problem , I am sending you a 30 days license via mail.
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