Activesync does not work
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Thread: Activesync does not work

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    Activesync does not work

    Since I am looking for a sync possibilities with my zimbra server, I just installed the Zextras suite. My Zimbra is 8.0.something. The installation went without problems, get the zimlet in the administration. Since I am only interested in syncing calendar/contacts/tasks, at first I did not initialized the Backup module. Anyway the Activesync in my Windws Mobile 6.5 phone cannot establish connection neither per auto config nor by manual entry. All the wikis say I do not need anything else to install nor additional ports to setup. Still no success. Initialized the backup with no problems, still no sync connection. Stopped the backup and other modules (only sync is of my interest at the moment).
    The configuration seems to be fine. Is it something connected with the trial version I am using? If so, how can I test the activesync connection before purchasing it?
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!
    Ps.: The MS remote connectivity analyzer ( also cannot connect to my zimbra.

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    Hello Kordian,
    welcome to the forums!

    Could you please report the information mentioned in section 3.1 and 3.7 of the "How to report a ZeXtras Suite issue" guide? Send any log to

    Have a nice day,
    the ZeXtras Team

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    Activesync does not work

    I have an account that I cannot get exchange active sync to work. We are using exchange server 2016 and active sync is turned on in the account. Every other account works on phones just fine. I removed my account from my phone and tried to add the irritating account. It looks like it is going to work however, it never warns about the administrator wiping your phone and never asks to activate. Mail never syncs. Neither do contacts or calendar. I never get an error. It does this on whatever phone I try it on. I can add any other account to any other phone. We are using Galaxy S6's Bluestacks TextNow Photomath though I don't it is a phone issue as I can add other accounts to that phone.
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    Hi blanco,

    I cannot understand why you are talking about "exchange server 2016" and in your recent posts you didn't mention any details about our product... let us know
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    Did changing the synch frequency to 15 minutes and then back to Push solve this for you
    have this same problem on multiple devices. There seems to be no pattern to why it stops synching on a Push schedule although I find that it seems to happen on WIFI and I have yet to have the issue when using Cellular only but would like to know if "playing" with the synch schedule resolved it for you.


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