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    Shared contacts and persona


    I have a customer who want's access to a shared set of contacts on his iphone. He would also like to send email as his persona if it's required. IS there any way I can implement these please



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    Hello Glenn!

    Unfortunately you are dealing with two features which are very specific to Zimbra: Shares and Personas - I know that lots of softwares feature the use of personas, but each software has its own implementation without any standard to follow.

    We are working to include both features in ZeXtras Mobile, but aside of this right now the situation is the following:

    Shared Contacts: as far as I know, some clients can synchronize shared address books through the CardDav protocol, but my experience with this is kinda discouraging as a simple software update (in this case I was using an iOS device) could break the sync. Check out the following post in the official Zimbra forums for more info: Zimbra 8 <-> iOS, shared cals

    Personas: Honestly, no idea. If the email address of the persona is also an alias for the account you can create a new account on the device, whether you use EAS, IMAP or POP - using the alias as the mail address, but if not I don't know how to help

    I'll keep my ears and eyes open, and should I find any news I'll make sure to share

    Have a nice day,


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