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Thread: high cpu load with zimbra + centos

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    Unfortunately this problem has re-appeared again without any changes done to the system

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    Same problem here. Did you find a resolution?

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    I have a thread on zimbra foruns: https://community.zimbra.com/collabo...1928/t/1135609

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    Hello ferra!

    This post was opened more than 2 years ago, and IIRC it was caused by a RHEL Bug (slow dns on rhel6 with ipv6 going through a firewall (yum ssh firefox)), I'd suggest you to open a new dedicated thread, reporting the information mentioned in section 3.1 of the "How to report a ZeXtras Suite issue" guide...

    In addition to the aforementioned info, please run the following command when the issue appears and email the output files to community@zextras.com:
    for i in {1..10}; do /opt/zimbra/bin/zmthrdump > /tmp/thrdump.$i.log ; sleep 1 ; done
    (please do so AFTER opening a new thread, and include the thread URL in the subject of the message)

    Have a nice day,
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