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    Question Zextras Company information?

    We're considering purchase of Zextras Licenses for several 1000s of our & our clients' Zimbra accounts.

    Before spending that kind of money, looking for _who_ we'd be doing business with, we find no corporate address information for the company, no Executive team identity or information (who is the CEO?), even the 'Whois' info is hidden as a private registration.

    Where is Zextras' Corporate information provided/displayed?

    Resorting to search on LinkedIn we find Zextras 'headquarters' at:

    Rua Alegre, 470 São Caetano Do Sul São Paulo, Brazil

    Is Zextras a Brazilian company then?

    Who, exactly, are we doing business with?

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    Hello pgn;
    I am Paolo, CEO of ZeXtras. I'll be glad to answer your question about our Company and to share some additional informations to the community.

    All of ZeXtras corporate informations are displayed in the ZeXtras EULA and in all "official" communications, from newsletters to invoices.

    The data you found on LinkedIn is actually that of our Brazilian branch, led by our dear Andres Chelmichki.
    ZeXtras' "master" company is is an Italian company called ZeXtras S.r.l, which controls all other branches. As of today all contracts and sales are managed by the Italian HQ while partnerships, pre-sales management and sales support may be managed by different branches.

    The Board of Directors, R&D and Development are all based in the Italian HQ, located in Vicenza.

    ZeXtras Website # ZeXtras Wiki # ZeXtras Store

    ZeXtras CEO. Like a Boss.


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