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    Licensing Question


    We sell a few Zimbra community edition server to customers online. The customers deal with adding user etc but we would like to start supplying servers with a mobile sync license.

    Can we just buy multiple licenses to install on the server before delivery (we don't always have access after they leave us) or do I need to become a partner of some sort.



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    Hello glennbtn,
    wlecome to the forums!

    As stated in section 2.2 of the ZeXtras Terms and Conditions, it is not possible to
    "sell, lease, assign, license, sublicense, distribute or otherwise transfer in whole or in part the Software"

    This is because, in accordance with our commitment in providing not only the best product possible but also the best usage experience, we aim to create a solid network of partners that can successfully propose, install and maintain ZeXtras Suite providing them with support for either technical, sales and strategic needs.

    For us a Partner is not just an additional line in the monthly revenue report, but one of the cornerstones on which our work lays.

    Right now there are no requirements needed in order to start a Partnership Application, as each case is reviewed separately after taking contact with the applicant.
    If you want to start the partnership application, fill the form you can find at You'll be contacted within the next business day by our staff in order to arrange a quick chat (either via IM or voice call) to discuss the application and get to know each other.

    Have a nice day,


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