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Thread: release schedule/development timeline

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    release schedule/development timeline

    I've just been testing the ZeXtras Suite for a couple of weeks, but I've already updated the modules 3 or 4 times. The user in me likes my software to be kept up-to-date, but the sysadmin in me is awfully nervous about that rapid a development cycle. I run < 10 mailboxes, so the license cost/user is significantly higher for me than for some. With that in mind, I love that ZeXtras is working so hard to polish the product, and to implement new features (ZxChat!). It makes the Suite seem more valuable, better supported. But again, the release cycle makes me nervous...afraid we're going to break something I don't have time to fix.

    So, a couple of questions:

    • Is just this a season of rapid development, after which the release cycle will stabilize?
    • Are all of these updates truly critical?

    Thanks again for a great product. You're filling a much-needed gap in the Zimbra world.
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    Hello mailman1175!

    First of all I'd like to thank you for your post, I wanted to discuss our Release Cycle with the community for quite a long time but until now I never had the chance to do so

    Usually, the release of a new release is bound to the following rules:
    - Major Release: when a New Module is available or when the compatibility for a new Zimbra Major Release is added.
    - Minor Release: when one or more bugs have been fixed, a minor feature is added to the software or when the compatibility for a new Zimbra Minor Release is added.

    Our target is to fix each bug - either reported by our users or found internally - as soon as possible, so predicting the span between the release of two minor versions is kinda difficult as it entirely depends by the severity of the fixed bugs. We wouldn't release a new minor upgrade for a missing whitespace in the help of the ZeXtras CLI, while we would surely release a new minor upgrade for a missing button in the ZeXtras Zimlet

    Thus said, I cannot say the Release Cycle will "stabilize" at some point, as too many factors impact on the release of a new version. What I can say for sure is that we'll not switch to a "gather bugs, prepare fixes, release on the 3rd wednesday of the month" cycle. Anyone who experiences a bug wants it fixed YESTERDAY, we aim to get as close as possible (for a software house which needs to satisfy the needs of a lot of customers) to that.

    Regarding the "criticalness" of the update, I suggest you to check the Release Notes of each new release to see if there are bugfixes in it or if it is just a "compatibility" release. You can find the Release Notes at Changelog - ZeXtras Suite Wiki (usually those are updated some minutes before a new version becomes available).

    Since we are talking about our release cycle and future updates, let me get a preview of what's next:

    - Version 1.6.x: ZeXtras Chat will be released
    - Version 1.8.0: the ZeXtras Admin module will be released
    - Version 2.0.0: "It will be a big hit", 'nuff said

    Have a nice day,

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    Thanks for the info, Cine!


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