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    Question Buying licences

    I tested Zextras Suite. It's a very good product.
    I want to buy licences now.

    Is it possible to buy 20 "Backup + Mobile" licences and 80 only "Backup" licences ?
    If yes, how can i define which account has "Backup + Mobile" licence and which account has only "Backup" licence ?

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    Hello Charlie Brown,
    welcome to the Forums!

    As stated in the ZeXtras Store and in the ZeXtras Wiki:

    "The number of licensed Mailboxes must be equal or greater than the number of mailboxes on your server (excluding Resource Accounts like Wiki, Ham and Spam)."

    This number is unique for all modules and it is not possible to acquire a different number of mailboxes for different modules.

    The licensing is being discussed at, feel free to read throughout the thread and to contribute with your opinion!

    Have a nice day,

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    Thanks for your reply


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