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    Drive section

    I can't see a drive section in the forum, I'm going to ask here.
    How can I select multiple files from drive?
    Is there a command line utility to manage file and/or folders as zmmailbox does ?

    thank you

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    Hello Ilpisano,

    it is possible to select multiple files by selecting the checkbox that becomes visible by hovering over the icon at the beginning of the line.
    At the moment there are no cli commands available to manage Drive items, this is the list of the available actions on the current version (3.1.4):

    doStartService - start a given service
    zxsuite drive doStartService {service_name}

    doStopService - stop a given service
    zxsuite drive doStopService {service_name}

    getServices - show current status of all services for this module
    zxsuite drive getServices

    doRestartService - restart a given service
    zxsuite drive doRestartService {service_name}

    doImportBriefcase - Import files from Briefcase
    zxsuite drive doImportBriefcase {target} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]

    doDeleteBriefcaseData - Delete briefcase data after migration
    zxsuite drive doDeleteBriefcaseData {,,[,...]} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]

    dumpSessions - Dump Drive sessions
    zxsuite drive dumpSessions

    getQuota - Get the quota for a single account, a domain or a whole server.
    zxsuite drive getQuota [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]

    doDeployDriveZimlet - Deploy ZeXtras Suite Drive zimlet
    zxsuite drive doDeployDriveZimlet

    monitor - Monitor a running operation
    zxsuite drive monitor {operation_uuid} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]
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