I really love Zextra's and wondered how you have planned to respond to Zimbra 9.
I can see there is an open sourced version on GitHub.
My question is

are you
1/ Going to support Zimbra 9 as in Git hub ? - I guess that is unlikely but I ask anyway

2/ Are you going to Fork Zimbra and take it forward as a complete solution under Zextra's ?

I understand you amy not be able to comment on this either fully or at all due to contractual confidentiality or NDA's but thought I would ask.

Any indications as to what might be happening would be great.

I see the road map is pretty thick and fast this year which looks great and I am assuming that this means you have a long term plan.

Synacor's product is now pretty over priced in my opinion and as such I can't see how that will work for them but I guess it may, the dominance of 365 and Gmail is a problem and their offerings are not as good as they appear on the surface.

Thanks in advance.