Unable to communicate with server error
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Thread: Unable to communicate with server error

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    Unable to communicate with server error


    I'm experiencing what I would call response delays when viewing the server through the web on remote machines away from the home network. I repeatedly get the 'unable to communicate with server' error at different locations when trying to navigate around the web pages. If I refresh the screen after the 2nd or 3rd attempt it gives me access.

    When I select more details, I get...

    Error: Unable to get sync status (i was attempting to view the synced files at the time)
    Either the service is not running, or the service is not responding.

    Questions I would like to ask
    1) I use Firefox as the web browser, are there any compatibility issues on which browser is used?
    2) Secondary to this I'm also experiencing delays in files syncing is this related to the same problem?
    3) Is there a limit on how many clients can connect to the service, will this introduce delays?

    Thankyou for the support.

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    Hello AnnamaeEstrada,

    the log file /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log should contain some hints about the possible cause if it is server related but if your local workstations do not have any issue you should start by verifying your Firewall/gateway.
    We may suggest to verify the parameters publicservicehostname publicserviceprotocol and publicserviceport, you can find in the web admin console under configuration/domains/yourdomain. Publicservicehostname is the name inserted in the url that users type to get into the webmail. It has to be the same both internally and externally, the other two are usually https and 443.
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